Something is going to happen this coming Halloween...It's our annual Halloween Party and most popular Trick or Treat Night! come join us for some spooky fun!
今個萬聖節攪乜鬼?! 夠膽你就嚟...

Reserve your place now! 預埋你一齊玩!

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Inquiry 查詢:(T) 27912918, (E) info@lighthouseplayroom.com

Enrollment 報名方法: Please send your information to info@lighthouseplayroom.com

  • Number of Participants 參加人數 (包括陪同之成人)
  • Name of participants 參加者姓名
  • Age of child 小朋友年齡
  • Contact persons, numbers and emails 家長或聯絡人姓名,電話及電郵


Party One 活動一:Halloween Party 哈囉喂扮嘢派對

  • Date and Time 日期及時間:SUN OCT 30th  10月30日(星期日), 3:00-6:00pm
  • Cost 收費:$50 per person, 每位$50
  • Ticket include 包括:Guess the Candy Prize, Best Costume Prize, One Drink and One Trick or Treat Bag for each child 競猜糖果大獎,最佳扮相大獎,一杯飲品及每位入場小朋友可獲贈可愛糖果袋一個
  • Also available更多活動: Games & Prizes, Crafts, Cookie decorating, Haunted house, Face Paiting, Food and Drinks 攤位遊戲及獎品,小手工,小食製作,鬼屋,繪面, 食物及飲品
  • Game card is available to be purchased at the entrance 遊戲咭可於入場時購買


Party Two 活動二:Trick or Treat Party 糖果兵團夜遊西貢派對

  • Date and Time 日期及時間:MON Oct 31st 10月31日(星期一),6:30-8:30pm
  • Cost 收費:$150 per Child 每位小朋友$150
  • Include 包括:Trick or Treat Bag Craft Workshop Face Paiting Trick training & Debriefing and Trick or Treat night tour 製作手工糖果袋,繪面化妝,夜遊西貢
6:30-       :  Gates of Hell open at "Lighthouse" 嘩鬼報到
Trick or Treat Bag Craft Workshop & Face Painting 製作手工糖果袋, 繪面化妝
7:05-7:30: Debriefing and Trick training for amateur monsters 集訓
7:30-8:30: Crawl, squirm or fly around town scaring residents and collecting sweets 夜遊西貢
8:30-       :
Enjoy your spoils back at "Lighthouse"
9:00        : Gates closed any remaining monsters will be locked up till next years Halloween!! 解散