Arty Tomato English Arts Class 英文畫班

本課程由經驗豐富的美術導師任教,以簡單幾何形態之事物及主題, 配合不同素材之運用,以培養兒童對繪畫的興趣。通過訓練兒童手部的活動能力,刺激其觀察與想像,從而達至眼,腦,手的恊調,激活右腦創作能力之發展,課堂以全英文授課,同時提昇兒童的英語能力。

 A delightful class for our young blooming artists! Play with colours and different media while exploring the world of shape, color and texture through art. It also helps to improve concentration as their brain, eyes, and hands are fully involved through the learning.


上課時間 Day and Time:

  • 星期五  Friday

教學語言 Teaching media:

  • 英語 English