Super Tot 雙語遊戲班  (24個月以上) - 不需家長陪同

Super Tot Bilingual Playgroup (24 mth+) - Unaccompanied



Build your toddler's enthusiasm to explore their surroundings and start to immerse your child in a new language in an interactive environment. Your child will enjoy building interpersonal skills, foster new relationships, and explore their budding abilities as young learners. This is a great preparation for Kindergarten with small group sizes to encourage independence in a safe and familiar environment.                                          

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對象 Target: 24個月以上 Aged 24 months or above

時間 Time: 星期一至星期五 Monday to Friday, 9:00am-11:00am/ 1:30pm-3:30pm (假期除外 Except holidays)

  • 每週兩天 Two days per week: 星期二、四 Tuesday & Thursday 
  • 每週三天 Three days per week: 星期一、三五 Monday, Wednesday & Friday 

活動 Activities: 自由活動,唱遊,講故事,主題活動,大小肌肉活動,排洗,小食時間,圖工

  • Free play, Singing and movement, Theme based activities, Circle time, Toilet time and Snack time, Arts and Crafts

語言 Language: 英文/ 廣東話 English/ Cantonese

學費 Costs(按月收費 monthly payment):

  • 每週兩天: $2380/月 Two days per week: $2380/ month
  • 每週三天: $3380/月 Three days per week:  $3380/ month